This is the house for which my grand grandfather cut the trees out of his own mountain and built a hundred years ago.
You will be able to see the long and remarkable beams inside, walls charred with soot, and the inside of the thatched roof etc.

Massive volume of thatch absorbs the sound, and the inside of the house is very quiet. Also it is cool in Summer.
The house is filled with wisdoms of life.

We have table wares from Taisho era and early Showa era.
Enjoy the relaxing time in the country house, surrounded by old furniture and utensils.


This is not only a place for the tourists to visit for the experience, but also a real house where the family is still living.
We sincerely hope that you will experience our everyday life in Japan. That is why we keep the house itself and the interior of the house the way they are while we live in.
Vegetables, flowers, and herbs are planted in the fields around the house. You can enjoy the plants of the season.
We hope you enjoy the slow and relaxing time in the Countryside Kitchen Sorashido.
There will be seasonal events such as tea leaf picking, rice case making, etc (irregularly).

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“Traditional cooking stove” experience

This is a plan to experience a use of “Okudo-san,” or traditional cooking stove, which then were popularly used in between Meiji and Showa era, to cook and serve/eat meals.

You will be able to have a cooking experience using our old utensils callled “Kamado (cooking stove)” or “Hibachi (a small Japanese charcoal heating appliance)”

  1. 1.Cook rice, miso-soup, or smoked-dry
  2. 2.Eat them on the tatami mat in the Japanese house
  3. 3.Roast the local tea leaves grown in Ayabe city

You will be putting the fire woods into the cooking stove to cook rice, to make miso soup, and dish them up on the bowls and plates. Also you can experience roasting tea leaves on the charcoal of Hibachi, and drink tea, feel what it was like to live in a traditional Japanese house.
You can feel the ambience of the rural countryside, and the scenery around the house.
After the meal, you can lie down on the tatami mats, listening to birds and insects singing, or walk around the house to enjoy the gardens or around the Nissaka town. Feel free to do what you like to do.

Flow of the day:

  1. 1, Please check in by 11:00am (reception is open from 10:40 to 11:00)
  2. 2. From 11:00 to 12:00 .. we will prepare meals (cook rice, miso soup, and smoked food) in ”Kamado” cooking stove.
  3. 3. From around 12:00 to 13:30 .. eat lunch, and roast tea leaves on Hibachi
    (We can serve roasted rice ball (roasted on Hibachi) or rice with raw egg, if desired. *free of charge)

  4. The activities will close by 15:00 pm.

  You can leave anytime after lunch. You can stay until 15:00.

Price (tax included):

Adults and junior high school students: 8,800 yen per person

Elementary school students: 4,400 yen per person

If you are participating alone, the charge will be for two people, 17,600 yen.


Reservation form
*We are accepting two groups at one time. Therefore, please take note that there might be a chance to work together with another group.
You might feel the smell of smoke on your clothes after the activity, as ”Okudo-san” experience will involve the use of burning fire woods. If you feel uncomfortable of the smell, please bring another set of clothes to change after the activity.
For safety reasons, we only accept participants of elementary school students or older persons. Please consult us if you want to bring younger children with you.

Cancellation policy

Please see below the cancellation fees.

Cancelllation on or after 3 days before the date reserved: 20% of the activity fee
Cancellation on the date reserved: 50% of the activity fee
Cancellation after the start of the activity, or no show: 100% of the activity fee



74 Tategai, Nishizaka cho, Ayabe city, Kyoto, 623-0364, Japan

Open from Monday to Friday (except for national holidays)


By car: about 15 minutes from Ayabe IC
By Taxi: about 15 minutes from JR Ayabe station
By Bus: take a bus (Nissaka line) from JR Ayabe station (40 minutes ride) to get off at Nissaka Shukajyo Mae station. 3 minutes walk from there.